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Rekha Waheed: My Bollywood Wedding

Wanna read chicklit with some more exotic spice? Try this Rekha Waheed’s novel about Maya Malik, feisty ex-SLAAG (Single, lonely, ageing Asian girl) on her way to getting married to Jhanghir Khan, man of her dreams. The road to the party with guest list 600 names strong is not without complications. Along the way Maya starts to wonder, is this really how everything should go?

The spice for this well written novel come from the setting. Maya and the Maliks belong to a Bengali community living in London. The community has strong Bengali customs and Islamic religion, both of which have a strong effect on the everyday life in most curious ways to Finnish reader. Not many heroines think between shopping sprees what to do in order to remain a good Muslim and person. The importance of sisters, brothers, aunts and relatives of extended family is shaking in this individualistic world. The twists are exactly not the ones you might have expected, but the novel still offers warmhearted fun.

Laughs, tears and witty humor are found between this book’s covers. This book was "sponsored by" library near me, so you might find it also from the library near you. So. Enjoy!

This chicklit contains:

-       Bhouna, bhaji, biriyanis and other interesting words for food, relatives and clothing.
-       Exotic wedding culture (for a white Lutheran finnish female).
-       Dancing to Indian music!
-       Chapters from A to Z with clever topics.

The writer, Rekha Waheed, is set to bring voice of asian minorities to the British publishing world. An interview of Rekha Waheed in The Asian Writer is found here.

Rekha Waheed. My Bollywood Wedding. A Little Black Dress. 2010. 344 p.

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